Submarines and re-compression chambers.

Deals On Keels is currently supporting GSE Trieste company in a business development project for the MIDDLE EAST territories for the sale of its products (mini submarines and re-compression chambers).

 GSE Trieste products are used on research ships, superyachts and military ships operating in underwater exploration, recreational or professional diving, in diving centres, in terminal control and oil rigs, in underwater works and underwater archeology.

Mini-Submarines: GSE Trieste Mini-Submarines have a hydrodynamic shape designed to maximize speed and autonomy. Each vehicle is designed ad-hoc in order to adapt to the owner’s needs. GSE Mini-Submarines are delivered after RINA depth and classification tests.

Folding and Flexible Decompression Chambers: FlexiDeC– Flexible Decompression Chamber is a transportable and collapsible decompression chamber, designed for decompression. The GSE flexible hyperbaric chambers are certified and tested by RINA.